dance n


  1. Carol; cycle; metrical movement; performance of exercise with music; pattern of steps in a round; ring of motion around a maypole.
  2. Rhythm; gesture; meter; cadence; turning; body language; graceful flight through space and time; [fig.] rhymed verse; lyric poetry; [metaphor] emotion; deep feeling; transcendent expression of life; (see Jeremiah 31:13).

dance [-d, -ing, -s] v

OFr dance-r.

  1. Float; flitter; move in the wind; fall in a delicate pattern; (see 1 Samuel 18:6).
  2. Glide; sail; sweep; fly through the air; [fig.] move in a circle; make an orbit.
  3. Keep time; move up and down; go back and forward in measured steps; [fig.] show a heart beat; breathe in and out rhythmically.
  4. Turn; spin; glide; pirouette; perform ballet; move with metrical movement.
  5. Jump; leap; skip; act energetically; run erratically; move upward and outward; [fig.] rejoice; exult; jubilate; jump for joy.
  6. Carol; circle; move around in a ring; travel in a pattern of steps; [metaphor] sing; hum; make music; [fig.] measure; count; keep time.
  7. Move freely; step in time; [fig.] live fully.
  8. Circulate; flow freely; [fig.] go throughout the body.