dark [-er] adj

OE deorc < OHG. tarchanjan, conceal, hide.

  1. Unilluminated; devoid of light; (see Job 3:9).
  2. Empty; vacant; lifeless; without light or signs of movement; (see Psalms 74:20).
  3. Uncheerful; gloomy; (see Job 22:13).
  4. Secretive; concealed; (Psalms 78:2).
  5. Lonely; frightening; terrifying.
  6. Black; ebony; onyx; (see Proverbs 7:9).
  7. Melancholy; mournful; saddened; [fig.] funeral Procession; (see Lamentations 3:6).
  8. Blackish hue; (see Leviticus 13:56); [fig.] trials; tribulations; struggles of life; sins of the world.
  9. Callous; unfeeling; cold; hardened; (see Daniel 8;23).

dark n

see dark, adj.

  1. Sin; iniquity; transgression; weakness; (see Isaiah 29:15).
  2. Absence of light; place without light; (see Genesis 15:17).
  3. Time before dawn; period before morning; hours before the aurora of sunrise; [fig.] state of being that receives enlightenment.
  4. Night; nightfall; evening; (see Joshua 2:5).
  5. Sorrow; grief; heartache; sadness.
  6. Obscurity; anonymity; a hiding place; (see Psalms 88:12).
  7. Gloominess; loneliness; isolation [fig.] fear of death. (405)
  8. Separation; parting; farewell.
  9. Mystery; the unknown; unenlightened state; lack of knowledge; (see Job 12:25).