date [-s] n

OFr < Gk. δάκτυλος, finger.

  1. Fruit of the Date-Palm; sweet oblong fruit of Asia and Africa.

date [-s] n

Fr. < L. datus, given.

  1. Time; day on which an event takes place.
  2. Record; testament; confirmation; proof.
  3. Memory; recollection; past time and place.
  4. Onset; start; beginning; commencement.
  5. Appointment; engagement; prearranged meeting.
  6. Moments; instances.

date [-d, dating] v

see date, n<sup>2</sup>.

  1. Declare; dedicate; consecrate.
  2. Inscribe; number; consider; enroll.
  3. Assign a time; fix a point; make a reference.