day [-s, -'s] n

OE dæz < Skr. dah, burn.

  1. Time of light; duration of sunshine; period of time when the sun shines on the earth; (see Genesis 1:5).
  2. Time dedicated to a particular purpose; period of action, remembrance, or observance; (see Genesis 1:8).
  3. Twenty-four hour period; time of the rotation of the earth; (see Genesis 7:11).
  4. Season; period of time; (see Genesis 35:3).
  5. Appointed time; (see Genesis 2:17).
  6. Unspecified, but completed time; (see Genesis 48:20).
  7. Period of alertness; time during which man is awake and active; (see Leviticus 14:2).
  8. Morning; sunrise; (see Genesis 32:24).
  9. Time of light during the colder months.
  10. Sunset; evening; (see Mark 4:35).
  11. Future date; (see Genesis 19:37).
  12. Victory; triumph; conquest; (see Exodus 13:3).
  13. Stage; period of life; (see Exodus 32:34).
  14. Noon sky; (see Genesis 29:7).
  15. Phrase. “every day”: daily; constantly; on a regular basis; (see Genesis 39:10).