death adj

OE déath.

  1. Lethal; fatal; destructive.

death [-'s] n

see death, adj.

  1. Being dead; being permanently without life.
  2. Losing life; process of spirit separating from the body.
  3. [Fig.] a personification of death bearing physical characteristics of or acting in some way like a person.
  4. The end of mortality; the transition from this world to the world beyond.
  5. [Fig.] an amount of money or ability to make a purchase.
  6. A mystery; something not understood.
  7. The duration of time in which a person, animal or plant is dead (not necessarily limitless).
  8. [Fig.] a place, high, low, near or far.
  9. [Fig.] a contract in which is written the conditions by which a person lives.
  10. [Fig.] a sharp weapon.
  11. Something hidden or not seen.
  12. [Fig.] a creature having many attributes of an insect.
  13. A state of separation from God.
  14. [Fig.] Bridge; something that joins two parts (like a hyphen).
  15. A punishment (to die).
  16. Something that causes worry.
  17. An agent that causes someone to die.