debate [-s] n

ME debat; see debate, v.

  1. Disagreement; argument; disputation; fruitless inquiry; (see 2 Corinthians 12:20).

debate [-d, -s] v

OFr debat-re < Rom. batt-ere, fight; see abate, v.

  1. Argue; discuss; have a conflict; hesitate in the presence of opposition; [fig.] weigh the consequences.
  2. Hesitate; waver; pause; fluctuate; vacillate; move up and down; go back and forth between two points; [fig.] sink; drop; descend; back away; [word play on “beat”] stir; flutter; move the wings in flight.
  3. Deliberate; consider; determine; [fig.] weigh; mete; measure.