deep [deeper, deepest] adj

OE díop.

  1. Dark; strongly colored; intensely hued.
  2. Profound, complete, intense; (see Genesis 2:21).
  3. Unknown; remote from comprehension; not easily understood; (see Job 12:22).
  4. Thick; luxuriant.

deep [deepest] adv

OE díope.

  1. Abysmally; profoundly; far down; extending down from the surface; (see Isaiah 29:15).
  2. Carefully; mindfully; (see Job 11:8).
  3. Grave; solemn; intense; (see Ecclesiastes 7:24).

deep n

OE déop.

  1. Unknown waters; [fig.] eternity; infinity; deity; source of hidden truths; profound depths of understanding.
  2. Ocean; sea; large body of water; (see Genesis 1:2).
  3. Abyss; that which is mysterious; [fig.] not easily fathomed; (see Genesis 49:25).