deity [-'s] n

Fr. déité < L. de-us, god.

  1. The Lord; the Almighty; the Author of the Universe.
  2. Perfection; divine nature; [fig.] God's Son who came to earth; Jesus, whose mother Mary was a mortal; the Savior of humankind who called fishermen to be His disciples.
  3. Jesus Christ; the Messiah; the resurrected Redeemer; the Savior who appeared to His disciples after rising from the dead.
  4. Godliness; holiness; divine power; [fig.] resurrected Being.
  5. Loved one; beloved master; dear lord; venerable human; object of adoration.
  6. God; Creator; Supreme Being.
  7. Infinity; immortal love; everlasting devotion; time without end.
  8. The Lawgiver; the Eternal Judge.
  9. Cupid; demigod; spirit of romance.