demand n

Fr. demande; see demand, v.

  1. Desire; need; want to possess; necessity to obtain; [fig.] asking; prayer; petition.
  2. Call; cry; requisition to purchase; desire to buy; (see Daniel 4:17).

demand [-ed, -eth, -s] v

Fr. demander < L. dēmandāre, give in charge, entrust, commit.

  1. Insist; urge; persist; require by right or claim; (see Daniel 2:27).
  2. Command; order; charge; mandate by virtue of an office or position of authority; (see Job 38:3).
  3. Require; need; necessitate an answer to a question; (see Exodus 5:14).
  4. Ask; examine; inquire; request often with intense need or desire; (see 2 Samuel 11:7).