divorce [-d] n

Fr. < L. dīvortiu-m, separation, dissolution of marriage by consent.

  1. Separation; disunion; division; release; disengagement; detachment; partition; split up; break up; dissolving of a marriage contract; (see Jeremiah 3:8).

divorce [-d] v

see divorce, n.

  1. Phrase. “Thy Batteries divorce”: if your opposing forces disengage; [fig.] when the body and the spirit separate in death; [noun phrase] the disengagement of your opposing forces; the separation of your body and spirit in death.

divorce [-d] verbal adj

see divorce, n.

  1. Omitted; excepted; missing; not present; left out; not attached; [phrase: “with the Bells divorced”] except for the sound of bells; but without the ringing of church bells.