door [-s] n

OE duru.

  1. Entrance; opening to a room; (see Genesis 6:16).
  2. Entry; portal; flat rectangular piece of architecture for entering and exiting a home; wooden board that encases the opening or entrance to a building; panel that rotates with hinges on one side of an opening; (see Genesis 19:6).
  3. Access; [synecdoche] institution; building; (see Exodus 12:22).
  4. Gate; passage; ingress; means of approach; place of greeting; position of invitation; point of identification; [fig.] place of accounting; bar of judgement; checkpoint one must pass before moving into a place; (see Genesis 4:7).
  5. Obstacle; protection; barrier prohibiting entry; (see 2 Kings 4:33); [fig.] grave; casket; tomb.
  6. Boundary; edge; limit; veil; curtain; (see Deuteronomy 15:17); [fig.] death; funeral pall.
  7. Possibility; chance; opportunity; (see 2 Corinthians 2:12).
  8. Grave; tomb; coffin lid; (see Mark 16:3).
  9. Resurrection; (see John 10:9).
  10. Dawn; morning; sunrise.
  11. Hell; mortal life; (see Psalms 24:9).