dove n

OE dufe < old Germanic dib-, dive, dip; analogous connection of L. columba with Gk. κολυμβίς, diver (bird).

  1. Flying creature; pigeon-like fowl known for its loyalty; graceful bird belonging to the Columbidœ family; animate being that lives on land but travels through the air; bird that Noah sent out to look for signs of land after the flood (see Genesis 8:8-12); [fig.] emigrant; explorer; pioneer; [fig.] courier; emissary; harbinger; messenger; angel; precursor; [metaphor] Holy Spirit; potential source of peace and inspiration, like the Holy Ghost; (see Luke 3:22); [metaphor] ship; boat; little vessel of discovery; [fig.] poetry; language as a vehicle for seeking truth.
  2. Dear; gentle person; innocent one; beloved individual; guileless female; deceased girl; dearly departed one.