drop [-s] n

OE dropa.

  1. Drip; dribble; molecule of spherical fluid; (see Job 36:27).
  2. Jewel; gem; pendant; diamond earring.
  3. Small quantity; of a liquid or drink; [fig.] medicinal remedy.

drop [-ped, -ping, -t] v

OE dropian.

  1. Collapse; faint; pass out; lose consciousness.
  2. Spill; tumble; fall spontaneously; (see 1 Samuel 14:26).
  3. Suddenly become.
  4. Descend; dive; plunge; plummet; sink down; move lower; fall into oblivion; [fig.] hit the bottom.
  5. Adjust; ebb; relax; conform; come to be; arrive unexpectedly.
  6. Change; transform without warning; [fig.] die; fade; pass away.
  7. Beam down; shine towards the earth..
  8. Utter slightly, briefly or casually; insert indirectly; (see Job 29:22).
  9. Release purposely; allow to fall; (see Deuteronomy 33:28).
  10. Quit; let go of; lose; give up; discard; dismiss; lay aside.
  11. Move away from; fall away.
  12. Lower down; hand down.
  13. Descend upon; distill; (see Deuteronomy 32:2; (see Isaiah 45:8)).
  14. Place upon; leave with; set down.