dry [dried] adj

OE; see drought, n.

  1. Tearless; not weeping; finished crying; [fig.] exhausted; spent; depleted.
  2. Unsaturated; not drowning; not inundated; not overwhelmed; having no water; [fig.] fearless; not afraid; having courage.
  3. Barren; arid; bleak; desolate; [fig.] meaningless; devoid of significance.
  4. Tart; tangy; sharp; crisp; unsweetened; slightly sour; mildly acidic; from grapes not quite ripe; without a strong fruit flavor; [fig.] wry; ironic; not sentimental; emotionally understated; elegantly unpretentious; stylistically plain; rhetorically unembellished; based in logos rather than in pathos.
  5. Tasteless; not moist; [fig.] boring; unsatisfying; not interesting.
  6. Empty; thirsty; past feeling; devoid of emotion; [fig.] ebbing; decreasing; diminished.
  7. Free of snow; without ice; not muddy; [fig.] passable; navigable.
  8. Depleted; free of liquid; without rain; (see Genesis 1:9).
  9. Dehydrated; preserved; desiccated; parched; sun-baked; (see Isaiah 56:3).

dry v

see dry, adj.

  1. Phrase. “Go dry”: evaporate; be empty; lose all water content; [fig.] disappear; vanish; die; become lifeless; (see Job 15:30).