keep n

see keep, v.

  1. Shelter; haven; sanctuary; ward; guardianship; safe place; place of security; [fig.] bird's nest in a tree.

keep [-ing, -s, kept] v

OE cépan.

  1. Not reveal; not disclose; not betray; maintain in confidence; confine to one's own knowledge only.
  2. Endure; remain in; stay in; be confined to.
  3. Celebrate; solemnize; observe; set apart time for.
  4. Possess; retain in one's power.
  5. Fulfill; perform; satisfy; accomplish.
  6. Attend; fulfill a commitment for.
  7. Maintain; preserve; retain; continue with.
  8. Maintain; clean; put in proper order.
  9. Hold; contain; set in place.
  10. Incarcerate; hold captive.
  11. Guard; watch over; take care of; have charge over.
  12. Phrase. “Keep away”: prevent; save from; protect from; guard against; [fig.] distract from being conscious of.
  13. Phrase. “Keep house”: stay at home; maintain a family state.