kinsman [kinsmen] n

ME. cunnes, genitive of kin

  1. Fellow saints; children of God; siblings in the gospel of Christ; [fig.] martyrs.
  2. Family member; blood relative; kin by marriage; [fig.] spouse.
  3. Kind; variety; genus; closely related species.
  4. Neighbor; companion; close associate; fellow citizen.
  5. Friend; close acquaintance; [kenning “Kinsmen of the Shelf”] books; authors; story characters.
  6. Folk; [fig.] mourners; grieving loved ones.
  7. Fellow creature; [fig.] worm; animate being in nature.
  8. Associate; [fig.] contiguous entity; inanimate being in nature.1137/Fr1160 or Forests entertain. / The kinsmen of the Wind are Peaks / Azof