kiss n

OE coss.

  1. Tender caress; gentle touch with the lips on the face of another person.
  2. Brush of the lips; [fig.] token of loyalty; sign of allegiance (see Luke 7:45); [irony] betrayal; signal of treason (see Luke 22:47-48).

kiss [-ed, -ing] v

OE cyssan.

  1. Touch; make contact with; [fig.] shine upon.
  2. Brush with the mouth; use the lips to touch the face of; caress with the lips in token of affection for.
  3. Salute; [fig.] bow; curtsy; fondly sweep.
  4. Show affection; [fig.] say goodbye to; bid a fond farewell.
  5. Osculate; [fig.] seduce.
  6. Warm; [fig.] enliven; restore; regenerate.
  7. Moisten; [fig.] make wet with gentle rain.