call [-s] n


  1. Commission; assignment; vocation; divine appointment; [fig.] fate; destiny; time to die.
  2. Command; bidding; beckoning; summons; vocal address.
  3. Appeal; entreaty; solicitation; heavenly invitation; [fig.] light; illumination; visible radiation.
  4. Visitor; passer-by; potential customer.

call [-s, -ed, -eth] v

OE & ME < ON kalla, cry, summon in a loud voice, call by a name, assert, claim.

  1. Declare; announce; consider; affirm; assert; proclaim; regard as; claim to be; assert strongly.
  2. Invite; summon; command; send for; request to come; bid the presence of.
  3. Name; term; designate; denominate; address as; give someone a title; (see Ruth 1:20).
  4. Exclaim; cry out; speak aloud; utter audibly.
  5. Ring; peal; emit sound; communicate the time by repeated tones.
  6. Visit; come by; drop by; look in; stop by without intention of staying.
  7. Ask; pray; invoke; implore; petition; plea; return to talk.
  8. Phrase. “Call away”: take in death; cause to die; transfer to the life hereafter.