eye [-s, e'e] n


  1. Oculus; organ of sight; two round globes used for seeing in the center of the human face; [fig.] organ of consciousness; life force; window to the soul.
  2. Distrust; envy; suspicion; supervision; alert.
  3. View; glance; gaze; range of vision; [fig.] observation; attention; perception; discernment; evaluation; examination; inspection; point of view; instrument of analysis.
  4. [Personification] transition zone; cusp of energy; center of activity; collision of currents; merger of fronts.
  5. Watcher; viewer; scout; sentry; sentinel; scanner; lookout; person who searches for lost souls.
  6. Instrument of faith; organ of spiritual vision; capacity to withstand divine glory.
  7. Source of tears; wellspring of emotion; organ of expressing sorrow in the human face.
  8. Orb; eyeball; ocular globe.