cedar adj

see cedar, n.

  1. Towering; lofty; extremely high; [fig.] consecrated; hallowed; holy; reverential; sacred; dedicated to worship; (see 2 Samuel 5:11).
  2. Wooden; sturdy; made of a fragrant coniferous tree; free of danger; resistant to destruction; protected from infestation by insects; [fig.] dauntless; firm; immovable; steadfast; unshakable.
  3. Intricate; hardy; like a system of tree roots; [fig.] strong; having a good foundation; able to gather nourishment.
  4. Phrase. “Cedar Floor”: wooden floor-covering; [kenning] forest; grove of evergreen trees.

cedar [-s] n


  1. Dense forest; thickly wooded area; mysterious place where trees stand close together; wood used to build the House of the Lord in the Old Testament (see 2 Samuel 7:2).
  2. Remarkably sturdy tree; ancient plant that has withstood the forces of time and weather.
  3. Tree; [fig.] stout heart; steadfast spirit; strong person.