celestial adj

OFr < L. cælum, sky, heaven.

  1. Enlightened; illuminated; full of light; [fig.] sanctified; hallowed; transfigured; spiritually translated.
  2. Luminous; divine; heavenly; holy.
  3. Saintly; fit for the presence of God; [fig.] eternal.
  4. Spotless; immaculate; absolutely clean; dressed in pure white.
  5. Godly; powerful.
  6. Exalted; glorious; supernal; resplendent; otherworldly; transcendental; of the highest degree of glory; (see 1 Corinthians 15:40-41).
  7. Higher; superior; most excellent.
  8. Perfect; complete; with charity that never fails; [fig.] Christ-like.
  9. Phrase. “celestial Mail”: armor of God; priesthood garments; ceremonial clothing worn in the most holy place (see Exodus 26:33-34); [kenning] endowment; investiture; atonement; holy ordinance; temple covenant.