child [-ren, -ren's, -'s] n

OE cild < root kilth-, whence also Goth. kilthei, womb, inkilthô, pregnant woman.

  1. Minor; little one; [fig.] uninitiated; not yet confirmed; [metaphor] one of the least in the Kingdom of God (see Matthew 18:2-6; 25:40).
  2. Young person of either sex below the age of puberty.
  3. One weak in knowledge; a person of immature experience or judgment.
  4. Descendants; offspring; posterity; [fig.] spiritual offspring of God.
  5. Innocent; [fig.] saint; angel; celestial being; chosen one; pure in heart people (see Matt 18:3).
  6. Phrase. “the Chosen Child”: Jesus; the Messiah; the Christ; the anointed Son of God; [generalization] the saint; the disciple; the follower of the Lord.