chill [chillest] adj

see chill, n.

  1. Coldest; most frigid; most frozen; having much freezing weather; [fig.] barren; desolate; lonely.
  2. Cool; at a low temperature due to condensation; [fig.] deathly; ominous; foreboding.

chill n

OE ciele, cold, coldness.

  1. Coolness; sensation of cold in the body; [fig.] desolation; bleakness; loneliness of losing a loved one.
  2. Loss of body heat; gradual cooling of body temperature due to death.
  3. Shiver; thrill of excitement.
  4. Cool breeze; wintry wind.
  5. Polite insensitivity; unfeeling attitude; emotionally distant aspect; [fig.] lack of warmth; paucity of real affection.
  6. Shiver; [fig.] movement caused by a cool breeze.
  7. Blast; cold front; column of cool air.