clear adj

ME < L. clar-um, bright, clear, manifest, plain, brilliant, illustrious, famous.

  1. Pure; ringing; distinctly audible; [fig.] unmixed; not muted; without the interference of other noises.

clear [clearer] adv

see clear, adj.; = clearly, more clearly.

  1. Unambiguously; easily; intelligibly.
  2. Distinctly; audibly; not obscurely; [fig.] boldly.
  3. Easily; plainly; unmistakably; obviously; decidedly; without doubt.
  4. Naturally; normally; actually; effectively; spontaneously.
  5. Visibly; unmistakably; in focus.
  6. Better; more discernibly.

clear [cleared] v

see clear, adj.

  1. Phrase. “clear away”: remove; dissipate; disperse.