close adj

Fr. < L. claus-um, closed, shut.

  1. Near; nearby; nigh; proximate; not far from another in space.

close [-r] adv

see close, adj.

  1. Near; nearby; in immediate proximity.
  2. Tight; shut solidly; fast, so as to leave no interstices, outlets, or openings.

close n

see close, v.

  1. End; conclusion; termination; finishing part; [fig.] death.

close [-d, -s] v

ME < OFr < L. claud-ere, to shut, close.

  1. End; finish; terminate; conclude; [fig.] die.
  2. Stop; block; shut.
  3. Shut; bring parts into near contact; come together into contact or union.
  4. Cover; inclose; encompass.