cool [cooler] adj

OE < L. gel-, cold; see cold, adj.

  1. Low in temperature; [fig.] calmer; more serene; more peaceful.
  2. Moderately cold; not warm to the touch; [fig.] lacking physical warmth because of death.
  3. Detached; aloof; passionless; unmoved; indifferent; confident; self-assured; lacking emotion; not heated by passion.
  4. Calm; composed; serene; sans excitement; without excessive emotion.
  5. More chilling; more aloof; more detached; more passionless; less moved by emotion.
  6. Easier; more endurable.
  7. More persistent; more piercing; more noticeable.
  8. Dull; boring; lusterless; tepid; not fulfilling.

cool [-ed, -s] v

OE < Old Germanic kôlôjan, cold or cool.

  1. Refresh; allay excessive heat; soothe by lowering the temperature.
  2. Ease; calm; cause to lose the heat of excitement, passion, or emotion.
  3. Lose heat; cause to become lower in temperature.