cross adj

aphetic form of across, adv.

  1. Irritable; cranky; disagreeable; annoyed; fretful; angry.

cross n

L. cruc-em.

  1. Crucifix; execution pillory; structure upon which Jesus Christ was crucified; gibbet consisting of an upright post with a horizontal crossbar; [fig.] pain; hardship; trial; tribulation; torture; suffering, particularly that of Christ.
  2. Coin stamped with Christ's crucifix; [fig.] redemption price; atonement's demands; expiation by self-sacrifice.

cross [-ed] v

see cross, n.

  1. Traverse; get across; go over; travel through; pass from one side to the other; [fig.] overcome; conquer; triumph over.
  2. Phrase. “Cross oneself”: trace the shape of a crucifix in the air; use a hand motion directly in front of one's chest to elicit divine protection.