crowd [-s] n

OE crúdan; related to MDu. crúdan, press, push.

  1. Throng; mob; dense multitude; unorganized mass gathered closely together.
  2. Group; congregation; constituency; gathering; organized assemblage; group of people gathered for a purpose.

crowd [-ed, -s] v

see crowd, n.

  1. Pack; cram; overwhelm; fill to excess; stuff past capacity; occupy with a crowd.
  2. Press; bring; force; thrust; push together; compress in a narrow space.
  3. Flock; throng; gather at; congregate around; descend upon as a group; assemble on in large numbers.
  4. Squeeze; inhibit; surround; suffocate; be all around; [fig.] stimulate; arouse; excite; overtake; overwhelm; stir up; make breathless.