jar n

Fr. < Arabic jarrah, earthen water vessel.

  1. Buzz; discord; inharmonious sound; repetitive vibrating noise; [word play; see a jar, adv. and ajar, adv.; see also OED def. 2a., 1848 L. Hunt “A Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla.”]
  2. Vessel; vase; jug; bottle; cylindrical watertight container made of earthenware, stoneware, or glass.

jar [jarred] v

poss. echoic sound.

  1. Dishevel; mess up; tousle carelessly; put in disarray; [fig.] fix; pat; change; adjust; groom quickly; re-arrange; touch-up; make ready; pull into place; check to put in order.
  2. Hit; clash with; strike at; fight with; dispute with; quarrel with; conflict with.
  3. Break; injure by impact; strike against something.
  4. Quake; rumble; shake violently.