Jesus proper n

L. < Gk < Heb. yehôshûa, God is salvation, and < Aramaic Jeshua, savior, healing; see also Christ, proper n.

  1. Given name of the Son of God (see Matthew 1:21); Holy One who selected twelve disciples (see John 15:16); Jewish leader who was abandoned by His followers.
  2. Rabbi from Nazareth; Master whose chief apostle Peter could not acknowledge Him because of eminent danger at Caiaphas' palace (see Matthew 26:69).
  3. Suffering Servant; Savior who had mercy on a thief crucified next to Him (see Luke 23:43).
  4. Good Shepherd; divine friend who knocks at the door of each human life (see Revelation 3:20)
  5. King of the Jews; supreme being who allows some disciples to remain alive instead of experiencing death (see John 8:51, 21:22-24).
  6. Redeemer who rescues mortals from death and sin; (see John 18:7; see ED's letters) (see Matthew 11:28).
  7. Sinless eternal being; He who drank a bitter cup of agony as an atonement for all humankind (see Luke 22:42).
  8. Phrase. “Jesus Christ of Nazareth”: New Testament divine personage; prophet of Galilee who walked on water and rescued Peter from drowning (see Matthew 14:31).