judgment n

see judge, v.

  1. Day of reckoning; time appointed by God to decide the fate of individuals based on the choices of their mortal probation.
  2. Deity; God; the Lord; Jesus Christ as the mediator of humankind.
  3. Condemnation; punishment; guilty verdict; doom pronounced for recompense of broken laws.
  4. Act of judging; process of comparing ideas in the mind to ascertain truth; action of examining facts and arguments to determine propriety and justice; [fig] faculty of humankind to examine in the mind.
  5. Act of passing sentence; determination of a court of law.
  6. Phrase. “Judgment Day”: doomsday; day of reckoning; time of accountability; moment when the Lord will interview individuals about their choices in life; great and dreadful day of the Lord (see Malachi 4:5).
  7. Phrase. “Judgment Seat of God”: heavenly bar; divine tribunal; court on high; bench of moral accountability; place where the Lord sits when interviewing resurrected individuals.