justify [justified] v

Fr. justifier < L. jūstificāre, act justly towards, do justice to, make just, pardon, vindicate.

  1. Show to be true; maintain the rightness of; prove to conform to law; [fig.] atone; redeem; (see Isaiah 53:11).
  2. Indemnify; recompense for; compensate for; make amends for.
  3. Season; purify; [fig.] transform; translate.
  4. Confirm; affirm; corroborate; substantiate; validate; add witness of.
  5. Realize; actualize; make real; bring to pass; cause to come true.
  6. Sanctify; hallow; consecrate; prove one's divinity; (see 1 Timothy 3:16).
  7. Excuse; absolve; explain; apologize; (see Luke 10:29).
  8. Find worthy [fig.] eye; see; notice; detect; line up in view; secure as a prospect.
  9. Adjust; align; [fig.] try to explain; attempt to document.
  10. Vindicate; acquit; absolve; legally defend; (see Matthew 12:37).