advance n

see advance, v.

  1. Stride; march; step; forward movement; [fig.] life.
  2. Profit; rise in value; gain in money.
  3. Progress; improvement; progression; success; attainment; development; movement to a superior position; [fig.] future; hereafter.
  4. Phrase. “In advance”: ahead in time; into the future.

advance [-d, -s] v

OFr avance-r, move forward < L. ab- off, away + ante, before.

  1. Continue; endure; persevere; succeed.
  2. Proceed; progress in space; move forward in time.
  3. Come forward; move towards; draw near.
  4. Approach; [word play] supply funds; furnish on credit; pay for something.
  5. Phrase. “Advancing on”: approaching; confronting; catching up with.