after prep

OE æfter; comparative degree of aft, rear, behind.

  1. In pursuit of; in search of; following visually; in the direction of.
  2. In spite of.
  3. Following; later in time than; next in time from.
  4. Subsequent to; next in place from; in logical or temporal sequence from.

after adj

see after, prep.

  1. Phrase. “After Mind”: memory; thoughts of the past; [lit.] mind which is more aft or further back; [fig.] mind which is less present, such as the unconscious.

after adv

see after, prep.

  1. Phrase. “Ever after”: always; continually; endlessly; perpetually; invariably.

after conj

see after, prep.

  1. Following; succeeding; and another; and then another in repetition.