red [-der, -dest] adj

see red, n.

  1. Rosy; ruddy; vermillion; crimson; scarlet; blood-colored; bloody or bleeding.
  2. Fiery; blazing; flame-colored; glowing with a crimson hue [caused by the rising or setting sun.]
  3. Brightly-colored; vivid; brilliant [referring to flowers, fruit, leaves, or feathers]; [fig.] autumnal [referring to leaves turning colors in the fall season.]
  4. Purple; lavender; violet; bluish-red.
  5. Blushing; flushed; [fig.] embarrassed; sheepish; ashamed.
  6. [Fig.] majestic; glorious; magnificent; splendid; extraordinary.
  7. [Fig.] defiant; bold; motivated to action; excited to greater effort.
  8. Phrase. “Red Sea”: (see entry below).

red [-der] adv

see red, n.

  1. Blushingly; with a rosy flush; by means of heightened color.
  2. Brilliantly; vividly; brightly; deeply scarlet; intensely crimson.
  3. Intensely; fervently; passionately; hotly; with a raging flame; [fig.] with potential for dangerous eruption.

red [-s] n

OE réad < Germanic *rauðo-z.

  1. Vermillion; crimson; scarlet.
  2. Deeply-saturated color [referring to light resulting from the rising or setting sun]; [fig.] beauty; majesty; brilliance; vividness; fire; flame; blaze; sunrise or sunset.
  3. [Fig.] blood.