air [-s] n

OFr air < L. < Gk 'to breathe', 'blow'; NW gives a related Semitic root meaning “to shine.”

  1. Liberty; freedom.
  2. Smoke.
  3. Sky; space above the earth and sea.
  4. Ambience; season; weather period; time of year; atmosphere of a certain place or time.
  5. Void; empty space.
  6. Attitude; appearance; assumed social position.
  7. Heavens; home on high.
  8. Oxygen; life-giving substance that humans and animals breath.
  9. Wind; breeze; clouds; atmospheric currents.
  10. Medium that transports intangible elements; [fig.] feelings; ideas.
  11. Medium that transports sound; atmosphere as a vehicle for sound waves.
  12. Atmosphere; one of the four basic elements; invisible, odorless, colorless substance which surrounds the earth.
  13. Phrase. “In the air”: potential; hypothetical; imaginary.