angel [-s, -s'] n

OE < L. < Gk 'messenger'.

  1. Resident of heaven; servant of God in heaven; member of the heavenly host; people who have died and gone to heaven.
  2. Guardian; defender; protector; one of the heavenly host; white-robed officer in the army of God.
  3. Seraph; ministering spirit; heavenly envoy; divine herald; messenger of God; holy one serving people on earth; intelligent being who communicates God's will to human beings.
  4. Advisor; mentor; beacon; guide; spirit.
  5. Good person; friendly neighbor; [fig.] sweet little girls.
  6. Bird; winged creature in Nature.
  7. Phrase. “An Angel”: Jehovah; the Lord.

angel adj

see angel, n.

  1. Celestial; ideal; pure; perfect; virtuous.