as adv

reduced form of OE alswá < all-so, wholly so, quite so, just so; see also, adv.

  1. So; equally; that amount; to that degree; to the same extent.
  2. Phrases. “As [adv.] as”: thus … like; so … like; in that degree; to that extent; in the same manner.
  3. Phrase. “Much as”: similar to; like it did; to the degree of.
  4. Phrase. “So much as”: even.
  5. Phrase. “As well”: also; in the same way.
  6. Phrase. “As yet”: until now; up to this time.

as conj

see as, adv.

  1. While; when; during the time that.
  2. Phrase [conj. for adverbial clause.] “As if”: seemingly; hypothetically like.
  3. Phrase. “Just as”: like; in the same manner that.

as prep

see as, adv.

  1. Like; similarly; additionally; analogous to; parallel to; in common with; with the qualities of [used for similes and analogies.]
  2. Compared with; in comparison to; in the manner of.
  3. Phrase. “as well as”: with equal appropriateness.
  4. Phrase. “as well as”: in addition to; [polysemy] with equal affinity for.
  5. Phrase. “Such as”: like; for example.
  6. Phrase. “Late as this”: even now; up until today; in the present time.