faint [-er, -est] adj

OFr feint, sluggish, cowardly.

  1. Weak; feeble; languid; stripped of power; (see Genesis 25:29).
  2. Hardly visible; not bright or vivid; weak color.
  3. Unlikely; indefinite; small probability of occurring.
  4. Hallow; muted; weak or empty sound; not loud.
  5. Life fading out as approaching death; lost in another world.
  6. Humble; unapparent; hardly perceptible; not obvious.

faint adv

see faint, adj.

  1. Quietly; delicately; discreetly; almost invisibly.

faint [-ed, -ing, -s] v

Fr. faner, to fade, whither, decay.

  1. Adore; worship; fall on knees to exalt; (see Psalms m119:81).
  2. Lose heart, courage, or spirit; (see Revelation 2:3).
  3. Swoon; lose strength and color; (see Amos 8:13).