fair [-er, -est] adj

OE faeger.

  1. Handsome; beautiful; attractive; appealing in physical appearance, character, soul; pleasing to the senses; (see Genesis 6:2).
  2. Honest; honorable; frank; open; merited; just; equitable.
  3. Pure; clear; unblemished; untarnished; innocent; (see Genesis 24:16).
  4. Light; white; without dark hue; (see Isaiah 54:11).
  5. Unobstructed; plentiful; open to access; direct as a way or passage.
  6. Clear; not cloudy; not overcast; calm; (see Job 37:22).
  7. Superior; excellent; triumphant; complete.

fair n

OFr feire, holiday.

  1. Gathering; outdoor market; city market in Europe; periodical meeting of buyers and sellers; (see Ezekiel 27:22).
  2. Beauty; dream; vision; optimism; aspiration; imagination; [fig.] poetry.