faith n

OFr feid or feit, persuade, draw toward, conciliate, bind.

  1. Belief; confidence in truth declared by another; conviction proceeding from reliance on testimony; (see Matthew 6:30).
  2. Knowledge; sentiment based on concrete evidence.
  3. Religion; Christian belief; simple belief in the scriptures, the being and perfection of God, the existence, character and doctrines of Christ; (see Acts 13:8).
  4. Justification; grace; spiritual apprehension of divine truths, or of realities beyond the reach of logical proof; entire confidence of trust in God and Christ with an unreserved surrender of the will to their guidance; (see Luke 7:50).
  5. Doctrine; theology; credence; (see Acts 6:7).
  6. Sincerity; innocence; honesty; desire to see; (see Matthew 8:10).
  7. Bond; security; connection; devotion.
  8. Sacrament of marriage.
  9. Perception; inner sense like the five senses.
  10. Power to produce belief, credit, authority; (see Matthew 17:20).
  11. Active force; power that impels one to action; power that initiates.