fall n

see fall, v.

  1. Drop; plunge; set; descend to a lower position.
  2. Autumn; season between summer and winter.

fall [-ing, -s, fell] v

OE faellan.

  1. Drop; descend; decline; plummet; go down in motion; come to the ground; (see Genesis 45:24); [fig.] sound; utter.
  2. Die; depart from this life; wound mortally by violence; (see Leviticus 26:7).
  3. Apostatize; succumb to temptation; lapse into sin or folly; (see Leviticus 19:29).
  4. Lower; come down; [fig.] subside; come to an end.
  5. Faint; pass out; drops down from an erect posture; (see Genesis 2:21).
  6. Come to pass; approach; (see Ruth 3:18).