fear [-s] n

OE sudden calamity, danger.

  1. Worry; fret; preoccupation; (see Exodus 15:16).
  2. Doubt; distrust; uncertainty; lack of confidence; (see Job 11:15).
  3. Fright; nightmare; reaction to a threat; (see Genesis 9:2).
  4. Dread of death; existential angst; (see Nehemiah 6:14).
  5. Reverence; awe; admiration; wonder; trembling respect; utmost deference; (see Genesis 20:11).
  6. Phrase. “For fear (of)”: because of a desire not to; (see Joshua 22:24).

fear [-ed, -ing, -s] v

OE faeren, terrify.

  1. Worry; doubt; distrust; apprehend; (see Genesis 15:1).
  2. Dread; petrify; tremor; tremble before; be threatened by; (see Genesis 19:30).
  3. Respect; honor; revere; (see Genesis 22:12).