feel [-s, -ing, felt] v

OE felan, gefelan, grope, touch.

  1. Detect; examine; explore; perceive by touch; have a physical sensation; ascertain by physical proof; (see Genesis 27:21).
  2. Sense mentally; intuit; become aware of; know without physical confirmation.
  3. Perceive emotionally; respond subjectively to experience; be affected.
  4. Experience; suffer; bear; admit; (see Job 20:20).
  5. Live; have life; have being; possess vitality.
  6. Search; seek; look; grope; (see Acts 17:27).
  7. Appear; seem.
  8. Be; exist; abide.
  9. Believe; think; consider; judge; hold as an opinion; have a conviction; (see Ecclesiastes 8:5).
  10. Phrase. “Feel at home”: be comfortable; be at ease; have a sense of belonging.