fit [-s, -ter, -est] adj


  1. Worthy; appropriate; good enough; qualified (webplay: pearls, vest).
  2. Suitable.

fit [-ter] adv

Gk fit, suitable.

  1. Better, more appropriately, more suitably; more securely.

fit n


  1. Size; adjustment; snugness; the right size, as a garment.
  2. Phrase. “a fit” A garment that is well-tailored to suit the size and shape of the wearer
  3. Seizure; state of ague; fever with recurrent chills; [fig.] trauma; near-death experience; [word play] garment that is the right size.

fit [-s, -ted, -ting] v

Danish, to be fit.

  1. Be the right size.
  2. Accept; embrace; espouse; adapt to; conform to.
  3. Correspond; match; belong together.
  4. Accommodate; be suitable; be appropriate for.
  5. Adjust; adapt; acclimate; change to meet.
  6. Measure for; have something made the right size for a person
  7. Fasten; attach; cover with, as a garment.
  8. Beseem; became; be pleasing; be worthy of
  9. Join; make whole; unite; come together; merge.
  10. Shape; mold; make the right size.
  11. Phrase. “Fit into place”: set down; put in order; make room for; keep straight; [fig] hold a note.