flesh n

OE human body.

  1. Mortal life.
  2. Mortal body; mortal life.
  3. Skin; substance of the body.
  4. Body as distinguished from the soul.
  5. Phrase. “made Flesh”: incarnate; embodied; given a mortal body; brought to life as a human being (see John 1:14); [fig.] sanctified by mortal experience; transformed by real love into a sacrament of physical and spiritual food; [metaphor] pronounced; represented in speech sounds; spoken aloud in a particular language.

flesh [-ly] adj

see flesh, n.

  1. Mortal; vulnerable; [kenning “fleshly Gate”] mortality; physical body; bondage of earthly life.
  2. Carnal; corruptible; sensual; animal; inclined natural instincts.