flower [-s, -'s] n

ME < L. flōs, bloom; see bloom, n., blossom, n., blow, v<sup>2</sup>.

  1. Blossom; bloom.
  2. Spring; season of growth; time of renewal; [fig.] resurrection; restoration; hope of eternal life.
  3. Passing thing; transient entity; short-lived object; ephemeral creature.
  4. Pressed blossom; dried garden bloom included in correspondence.
  5. Bud; start; shoot; young plant that shows it petals by day and retracts them by night.
  6. Corsage; cut blossom; floral gift; [fig.] lyric poem.
  7. Feeling; emotion; affection.
  8. Pastoral beauty; natural splendor; [fig.] April; springtime.
  9. Bulb; perennial spring plant such as crocus, daffodil, hyacinth, etc.; [fig.] renewal; evidence of new life.
  10. Thought; meditation; reflection; [fig.] poem; poetry; lyric; sentimental verse.
  11. Colored portion of a plant consisting of stamens, pistils, corolla, and calyx; culminating beauty of a plant before going to fruit.
  12. Sustenance; aliment; source of pollen; desired destination; center of soft sweet-smelling nourishment; [fig.] lover; sweetheart.
  13. Kind of bloom; species of blossoming plant.
  14. Gentian; butterfly bush; species of plant that has fragrant purple blossoms.
  15. Floral tribute; [fig.] memorial; symbol of lasting devotion.
  16. Corol; corona; floral disk; circumference of a blossom's petals; [fig.] globe; ball; [metaphor] moon.
  17. Sweetheart; beloved; young woman in love.
  18. Incarnation; embodiment; [fig.] resurrection; redeemed body; gloried and perfected being.
  19. Beauty; lovely delicate fruitful living thing; [fig.] symbol of creation; sign of life, love, and goodness.
  20. Sunset; colors of the setting sun.
  21. Dandelion; daisy; [fig.] maid; gal; peasant girl; [metaphor] poet.
  22. Phrase. “Couch of flowers”: blossoming meadow; [kenning] field; garden.