foot [feet] n

OE fot, fet. NW says probably allied to Gk, to walk, tread.

  1. Shoe; boot; [fig.] dancer; dance of blessed spirits; [metonymy] meter; metrical unit; numerical measurement in verse; combination of stressed and unstressed syllables in the line of a lyric.
  2. Base; bottom; lower part.
  3. Footing; foundation; condition; state of being.
  4. Lower extremity of a leg; part of the leg that stands or walks on the ground.
  5. Step; pace.
  6. Farther end of a grave; opposite the headstone.
  7. Root; bottom growth; part anchoring a plant in the soil.
  8. Transport; means of walking.
  9. Organ of locomotion; attachment belonging to certain invertebrate animals That which resembles an animal's foot in shape or function.