for conj

OE; introduces a dependent or independent clause.

  1. Lest; fearing that.
  2. Because; since.

for prep

OE; head for a prepositional phrase.

  1. To help; to enhance; in order to benefit.
  2. To; about; towards.
  3. Toward; in the direction of; (see look, v., “look for” = seek).
  4. During; throughout; in the time period of.
  5. In memory of.
  6. Directed to.
  7. Appropriate to; merited by.
  8. With; that.
  9. To perform; in order to do.
  10. To have; to obtain.
  11. To please; in order to delight.
  12. The role of; the authority of; the stewardship of.
  13. To receive; to accept; to experience; to deal with.
  14. On behalf of; as a proxy of.
  15. Because of; in spite of.
  16. Regarding; concerning; related to; with regard to; in the aspect of.
  17. As; corresponding to; in place of; in the stead