full [-er, -est] adj


  1. Occupied; not vacant.
  2. High; eminent; elevating; uplifting; exultant; [fig.] showy; glorious; magnificent; artistically rich; aesthetically overpowering; [word play on “full house”] crowded; having a large audience; with many people in attendance.
  3. Completely done; entire in time; not partially accomplished.
  4. Right; appointed; anticipated; mature; completely blessed; absolutely appropriate; entirely fitting; just as it should be.
  5. Phrase. “God's full time”: God's promised era; the due time of the Lord; [fig.] paradise; the millennium; the resurrection from the dead; the restoration of all things; era of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ; (see Ephesians 1:10 “the dispensation of the fulness of time).
  6. Phrase. “at full”: disk-like in appearance; in its greatest circumference; shaped like a complete circle; appearing with its whole perimeter; viewable in all directions of its diameters; at the monthly stage of most visibility from a vantage point on Earth.
  7. Phrase. “full fed”: satiated; well-fed; completely blooming; prime for the picking; [fig.] well cared for; nourished with sun, water, mineral, and so forth.

full adv

see full, adj.

  1. Very; verily; truly; really.
  2. Completely; entirely; [fig.] surpassingly; extremely; exceptionally; extraordinarily.
  3. Directly; squarely; straight on; without glancing away.
  4. Panoramically; sweepingly; replete; having within its limits all that it can contain.

full n

see full, adj.

  1. Solstice; longest day; complete measure; utmost extent; highest state; topmost degree; maximum tilting toward the sun in the course of a year; day of most daylight in the northern hemisphere, usually June 20<sup>th</sup> or 21st.